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Rebecca Adair competed on the archery team from 1982 to 1983 and graduated in 1986. She currently resides in College Station, TX and works for Texas A&M University as an Academic Coach. Her greatest collegiate accomplishment was being the recipient of the Collegiate Outdoor Nationals Newcomer of the year in 1983

Greatest memory of the A&M Archery Team - "Several stand out: Todd Eads “recruiting” me for the team. Idiots walking behind the targets in Deware as we were holding practice. Shooting at the base of Pike’s Peak with ice forming on the arrows between shots. Frank not telling me I was even in the running for Newcomer of the Year, because he knew that would freak me out and I’d end up blowing it!"  


Carla Michelle Romere attended Texas A&M from 1980 through 1982 and was on the Archery team all three years. She is currently living in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and works in the IT department for Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc. as a database administrator. 

"Some of my best memories of the archery team were the friends I made and the trips we took to Austin for tournaments. I had so much fun those weekends! We also enjoyed many weekends just hanging out together as friends."


Kathy Craig (Eissinger) Dodd (Class of 1986) competed on the archery team from 1985-1988 and continued her dedication to the team as a coach from 1989-2004.  She is currently in Flagstaff, Arizona directing a park ranger training program from September through April.  She works as a protection ranger May through August in Glacier National Park (Montana).

Greatest memory - "watching Mary (Zorn) Hamm win the gold medal at the
world indoor championships in Italy, lots of other great memories as well!"


Todd Eads (Class of 1985) currently lives in Houston, Texas and is a Project Director for BP.  The main focus for his projects are the design and construction of office buildings and environments for the Westlake Campus in Houston. 

"My most lasting memory of the archery team was driving a big white van full of sleeping team members.  We were returning from Nationals at Ball State University and it was sunrise in the Arkansas hills; that was more than twenty years ago and I can still see Mark French’s pick-up truck in front of me and I hear Frank Thomas saying, “wake ‘em up and show it to them.” "


Matt Lyssy (Class of 2007) was on the archery team for three years.  He is currently living in Sugar Land, Texas and is a Product Engineer for Texas Instruments.  One of Matt's most memorable collegiate accomplishments was placing in the top 10 at the 2006 United States Intercollegiate Archery Championships in the Men's Compound division.

"Some of my best memories were of the team portion of tournaments.  It was always fun to work together with such great archers."


Andrew “Sunshine” Stinson (Class of 2007) was on the archery team for three years.  He is currently living in Dallas, Texas and is a Packaging Engineer for Daisy Brand.  One of Sunshine's greatest collegiate accomplishments was making All-American in 2004.

"Too many to list… Every road trip to a tournament was well worth it. Whether it was just for a weekend tournament in Austin or a week for USIACS in Georgia, we always had a blast on the way there. The ride back often was a different story though."


Larry Perez (Class of 1982) was a member of the archery team from 1979 through 1983.  Some of his greatest collegiate accomplishments were the Collegiate 900 record shot at the Regional Outdoor held at A&M; 1983 Olympic Festival team - held in Colorado Springs Colo. (back then it was called the "sports festival").  Larry is currently the Program Coordinator of Texas 4-H Shooting Sports and the Texas liaison to the National 4-H Shooting Sports Committee.

"Greatest memory....LOTS of them.  Running around Las Vegas with our maroon archery team jackets on getting a free taxi ride from a graduated mechanical engineering former student that was a cabbie, recruiting Frank to "coach" the team(he was a grad student that had never shot before), the drive to Tempe Arizona for collegiate nationals, giving the t-sips hell in Anna Hiss Gym, but the best was going to Mama's pizza for ALL archery team functions!"


J.D. Blumrich (Class of 2006) was a member of the archery team from 2001 - 2005.  Some of his greatest collegiate accomplishments were: Men's Compound 2003 Southern Region Indoor Champion and two team golds and one team silver at three of his four USIAC performances.  JD is currently living in Kiev, Ukraine.

"Road trip to outdoor nationals with Trey, Lance and Brandon in 2005 to Georgia."



Cynthia Evetts (Class of 1982) was a member of the archery team from January 1979 through May 1982.  Her greatest collegiate accomplishment for archery was 2nd place women's team at USIACs in 1981.  Academically, Cynthia earned a B.S. in Industrial Arts from A&M and from TWU a MOT in Occupational Therapy and a PhD in Health Education.  She currently lives in Sherman, Texas and works at TWU.

Greatest memory of the A&M Archery Team – "Daily practice sessions created routines that helped to structure my time. Traveling to tournaments and developing friendly rivalries with members of other teams helped to expand my horizons, but the friendships established among the Aggie Archers were strong and have endured even after years of separation. Early ‘80s quotes from Coach Frank Thomas, “Look good. Feel good. Be good.” And “See the gold, be the gold” from The Zen Guide to Motorcycle Repair (at least that’s what he told us….)"


David Winkler (Class of 1981) was a member of the archery team from 1980 to 1981 and currently resides in Meridian, Texas.

Greatest memory - "Besides the friendship and comradery, out door practice on windy spring days, knocking down coke cans that were sitting on top of the target stands 90 meters away.  Only lost one arrow that day."


Corrine Yohann (Class of 2007) was a member of the A&M archery team for four years.  During her time on the team she was a 3-time national team champion, a 3-time All-American, as well as Academic All-American.  Other accomplishments and involvements while at Aggieland, Corrine received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, was a member of the Mays Business Student Council, earned a Certificate in Retailing, was a Fish Camp Counselor, and an Aggie Access Mentor.  She is currently living in Onalaska, Wisconsin and is the Marketing Communications Specialist for Mathews, Inc.

Greatest memory - "Definitely not the workouts!!! But rather time spent with friends..." do zip ties and Tim's bowcase ring a bell?!?!


Leslie (McGallion) Childress (Class of 2007) joined the team during her graduate studies and was a member for two years from 2007 to 2009.  Her most memorable accomplishment was finishing in the top 10 Women's Compound Division at the 2009 Collegiate Nationals in Long Beach, CA.  Leslie is currently living in Lufkin, Texas as a Contract Instructional Designer and as a newly wed :).

Greatest memory - "I have so many great memories from the team, but the road trips to tournaments were always interesting.  Whether it was a 32 hour drive to New Jersey, being an hour late to the banquet at USIAC's in Long Beach, or the sign battles in between cars coming back from Austin.  The friends and memories taken away from the archery team will always be the highlight of my college days."


Brian Jarrett (Class of 1999) was a proud member of the A&M archery team from 1996 to 1999.  One of his most memorable collegiate accomplishments was making it through the Corps of Cadets. Brian is currently living in Austin, Texas and is a Development Manager/Sr. Project Manager for CB Richard Ellis.

Greatest memory - "So many great times at USIACs, at Vegas, shooting with and learning so much from so many great coaches and world class archers, developing friendships that are as strong today as they were then!  And most importantly, I met my wife through my teammate, Vicki Pons."


Jackie Clements (Class of 2008) was a member of the archery team for two years and in 2007 she received the Best New Archer of the Year Award in the Female Recurve division.  Jackie is currently living in Houston, Texas.

Greatest memory - "My first and only Robinhood."


Patrick Parsons (Class of 2007) was a member of the archery team for four years.  During his time on the team he made All-American and had a 2nd place finish at the Doinker Texas Shootout.  Patrick is currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Greatest memory - "Traveling to tournaments, tournaments and practice.  Teammates and friends we always had a good time."


 Eugenia Algaze Garcia (Class of 1987) was a member of the TAMU archery team from 1984 through 1987. She currently lives in Fulshear, Texas as an artist creating and selling her Mindful Art (see  

One of her most memorable collegiate archery accomplishments was during an indoor tournament when her focus fell into place, a little voice in her head with Frank's voice said, "Go for the Gold", and the arrows magically flew to the "gold" as if a magnet guided them to earn her a pin to qualify for another competition.

Greatest memory - "My best memories are numerous. They include memories from climbing rocks at the Grand Canyon for a team picture, comraderie during practices and the long van trips, the team spirit on the field, participating in a tournament in Monterrey, Mexico, avoiding dust devils in Arizona, visiting the beach on the way back from Atlantic City (and the whole team visiting Frank's family in Arkansas while returning from a competition), Frank cooking spaghetti for the team in Austin, watching the sky change and a distant twister form during one of our regular outdoor practices, and the archery circle where everyone on the team helped each other get their shoulders rubbed after a long outdoor tournament."


Corbett Bush (Class of 1991) was a member of the TAMU archery team from 1990 to 1991. He is currently a Network Engineer that started out as a chemist and resides in New Caney, TX.

One of his most memorable archery accomplishments was the hard work to get good enough to be on the team.

Greatest memory - "Watching all the arrows fly through the air (and some miss), then as a group, going hunting for them in the grass."


Dawn (Chudy) Altomonte (Class of 2003) was a member of the varsity archery team from 2000 to 2003 and then spent one year on the club team. She is currently living in Springfield, PA with her husband Joey and daughter, Joella.

Collegiate Accomplishments: '00 Indoor Nat Champ, '01& '03 Outdoor Nat. Champ, '00-'03 All American, '02 Silver at World University Archery Championships, '00-'02 recurve Team Champs, '00-'03 Overall Nat. Team Champs.

Greatest memory: "Too many to list! All the girls on the team and the friendships, Morning workouts... (I do miss it cause I was in great shape then) My first Usiacs-My last Usiacs! Ahh the memories. Does anyone remember this? One day, there were left over decorations from a banquet in the archery room, we decided to shoot at the balloon rainbow. Then Greg Krueger decided to take a bunch and run around yellin' "I'm Flying" then Smack landed flat on his face. It was hilarious... you had to be there. ... Gig'Em'!"


Mark French (Class of 1984) was a member of the Texas A&M Archery Team from 1981 to 1985 and graduated in 1985 with a Bachelors of Environmental Design. He currently resides in Magnolia, TX where is he is a Senior Principal at an Architecture firm that he was a founding partner of in 1995 in Houston, specializing in Educational and Civic buildings.

Greatest memory: "way too many to list but the numerous tournament trips were the greatest memories where lasting friendships were made, trips to t.u. at the Anna Hiss "Basement” Gym, Colorado Springs at the Olympic Training Center when it was below freezing, Las Vegas at the Tropicana and probably the most interesting memory was the trip to Ohio I believe where we had 'extra cargo' in that a sailboat was being delivered from Texas to somewhere up north and the driver allowed many of the Archery Team to ride in the tow vehicle so we made this long all day and night trek as usual but with a very large sailboat in tow, he delivered the boat while we were at the tournament then picked us up for the return trip minus one sailboat, great times and great friends, best of all I married one of my fellow archery team mates Elaine (Christensen) French."











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